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Free Consultations

Does your pet look worried & confused with strangers or friends? Hire a Pet Sitter. It's imperative that you select the best VIP Pet Care service available. Here at, we offer a full free consultation to establish a rapport with you & your loved ones with their new Pet Sitter or Dog Walker. This process ensures that you & your pet are comfortable with their new Pet Sitter which gives you peace of mind while you are away. The session also allows us to provide you with our credentials such as service agreements, bonding & insurance policies, and references upon request. If you have any other requirements, feel free to present them within the presence of the Pet Sitter.

Dog Walking Services

Daily Dog Walking with your Dog Walker allows your pet to get the necessary fresh air & exercise that they most definitely deserve. This service is ideal for the corporate, long hour working professional client who doesn't necessarily have the time to provide for their pets on a regular basis. Whether its a morning, mid-day or evening walk, let our Dog Walkers give your pet the attention they need to keep a stress, anxiety-free life. Our Dog Walking service is available to our clients around the clock which give us the ability to accommodate any schedule needed. Contact your new Dog Walker today to get your pet started with "Living the Pet Life."

Doggy Daycare

Confidently book our services for Doggy Daycare - We have a strong track-record for outstanding, responsible Doggy Daycare. You are sure to be greatly impressed with us in every possible manner. Our numerous past clients whose dogs were well looked after by our staff, review us positively.

Dog Running

Do you have an energetic loved one who likes to run with the wind? Then our Dog Running service is ideal for your pet. Dog Running will ensure your dog maintains a healthy lifestyle along with a strong heart. Our Pet Sitters can accommodate any Dog Running program that is best suitable for your loved one. Of course, our Pet Sitter will always keep the water bowl freshly filled to quench their thirst. Lets start dog running today!!!

Dog Beach or Dog Park visits

Do you have a sociable pet? Does your pet love to swim? Let your Pet Sitter take your loved one to the many dog parks or pet friendly beaches in beautiful South Florida. Your Pet Sitter will ensure the safety & well being of your loved one. Whether its a park or a beautiful beach, we believe all pets should be "Living the pet life."

Vacation/Holiday Pet Care

Going on vacation or out of town for the holidays? Prefer to leave your pet in the comfort of their own home? Your Pet Sitter can visit your home as many times requested to ensure your loved ones receive the tender love & attention they deserve. Our Pet Sitters or Dog Walkers will walk, feed, and provide fresh water & treats for your pets. Your Pet Sitter can also adhere to any medication schedule if needed. Let your Pet Sitter reduce the stress and anxiety that your pet may experience from the departure of their lovable owners. We will ALWAYS be there when you cannot!!!

Private-In-Home Cageless Boarding

Don't keep your pet a prisoner in a kennel or a small cage at your local vet. "Living the Pet Life" Pet Sitters offer your pet an alternative to crowded boarding facilities or kennels. Our Pet Sitters provide your loved one with a "home away from home" environment. With a cage free atmosphere, your pet is free to roam your Pet Sitters' private home as if they were in their own. Cageless Boarding provides the freedom for your loved one to reduce any stress-anxiety from being away from home. Pet Sitters will require you to provide your pets food, treats, toys, beds, or anything to make them feel at home. Your Pet Sitter will also require that your pet is up to date will all vaccinations and are flea & tick free. Love & attention is UNLIMITED, your pets experience with "Living the pet life", PRICELESS...

Pet Taxi

Don't have time to take your pet to the vet or the groomers? Our Pet Taxi service provided by your Pet Sitter is the ideal option for our super busy clients. Our Pet Sitters can accommodate any pick up or drop off location requested by our clients. Pet Taxi service is also available for clients in need of transportation to and from South Florida airports. Our Pet Sitters our experienced in working with cargo locations to ensure your loved one arrives or returns home safely. Leave the stress at home, we will pick them up!!!

24 Emergency Pet Visits

Our Pet Sitters are always on-call in any emergency situations. Whether your plane is delayed, can't get out of that work function, locked out of the house, or just need more time for yourself, your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker will always be there for those unforeseen situations. By leaving a copy of your keys with your Pet Sitter, we are able to provide emergency care for your loved one in your time of need. This will also save time & money from using an overpriced locksmith.

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